2020 Jesus Surf Series September Challenge

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IMPORTANT NOTES: The Jesus Surf Series September Challenge is free to enter and open to all. Entrants must submit footage of two waves only that have been surfed in the UK during the month of September 2020. Entrants can only enter one category in shortboard and one category in longboard. Please do not enter any category if you are over the age stated on 01 January 2020, failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification. The waves will be judged using the current judging criteria set by the ISA with the best two wave total being the winner.

All footage or links to footage must be sent to David Renyard (head judge) at davidjrenyard@hotmail.co.uk – Please state who the entry is, what category they are entering and the location of the wave.

By entering your footage you are agreeing for it to be used by Christian Surfers UK on all their online and social media platforms. If you are under 18 please make sure you have permission from a parent or guardian to submit any footage of you surfing.