Role: Providing pastoral assistance

Involves: Checking in on a personal basis with volunteer staff and core leaders to encourage and support them. (NB: Reviewing of Christian Surfers’ activities would remain the responsibility of the staff and trustee team)
Qualities needed:
Pastoral heart
Ability to maintain contact on a regular and planned basis
Commitment to follow-up on conversations, particularly when there are prayer requests

Further details:
In a mission such as ours, looking after our volunteer staff, core leaders and key contacts is so important as quite often this can be an isolated role. These individuals need to know that they are cared for and that the efforts they are making to spend time investing in their CS and surfing communities are appreciated.

We are looking for people who are pastorally minded to work alongside a couple of the trustees to connect with this growing number of individuals on a planned basis to check in personally with them to encourage and support them. This contact would be ongoing with encouragement and feedback to be maintained, especially when personal prayer requests have been made.

Contact: Josh Cole: