Role: Organising Surf experiences/activities

Involves: Helping to plan and organise surf experience activities
Qualities needed:
Ability to envisage new opportunities
Good organisational skills
Good understanding of surf travel/activities
Willingness to be involved in leading/delivering these activities

Further details:
Surf experiences/activities organised by CSUK have the potential to raise funds for the ministry whilst also giving people a fantastic experience. This is quite a broad title which could encompass numerous opportunities, such as a weekend surf clinic run by a well-known and experienced surf coach or surfer; or a surf trip (in the UK or abroad) organised and run by CSUK.
We are looking for a small team who have a passion for this type of experience to come together, draw up some options and ultimately trial some of these to see if they work in order to decide whether we schedule these opportunities every year.

Contact: Phil Williams