What does your membership mean?

Christian Surfers UK (CSUK) would love you to become a fully paid up member (or even renew your membership!). We would encourage you to be more than an observer through a Facebook group. Be part of our mission: get stoked on being part of a transformational bunch of surfers who bring Jesus to the beach.

Below are the different membership packages we offer. Please select the one that suits you to join or renew your membership today.

There are a number of benefits to you, and CSUK also benefits as a charity. Firstly, we will put you in touch with your nearest local CSUK group or contact so that you can join with like-minded people in your local surf community to fulfil our vision of ‘giving every surfer and every surfing community the opportunity to know and follow Jesus.’ You also receive two copies a year of Second Day, our in-house magazine, which is packed full of news and inspiring stories of all that CSUK is involved in. You will be emailed our monthly prayer diary too, to keep you up to date and able to pray  for the ministry throughout the year. And finally, you get access to the great merchandise we have to offer, some of which, like the CSUK branded clothing, is only available to members.

The benefits to CSUK are many too. Not only does your investment enable us to better serve our surf communities, it is also an encouragement for all of the volunteers and groups. An increase in membership numbers is a sign of CSUK’s effectiveness, a sign of active participation and helps CSUK as a charity access grants and extra funding.

So whether you have never before taken the step of becoming a full member of CSUK or have just not got round to renewing your membership, please prayerfully consider joining us in the adventure of serving and supporting the surfing community that we love, and making the most of the opportunities available to us.