Special Atmosphere for 2016 Jesus Longboard Classic

The 2016 Jesus Longboard Classic was one of the best yet, with great waves all weekend and a real special atmosphere created by the hosts, Tubestation, and the great bond between all the competitors. There was much banter before and after heats and the Tubestation made for the perfect venue for all to hang out in.

Congratulations to all the finalists

1 Ben Howey. 2 Sam Bleakley. 3. Lewis Stritch. 4 Martin John

1 Emily Currie. 2 Jen Pendlebury. 3 Rachael Taylor 4 Claire Smaile

1 Sam Bleakley. 2 Steve Horn. 3 George Stoy 4 Colin Bright

1 Colin Bright. 2 Rich Unsworth. 3 Ray Lee. 4 Vic Danks

1 Jordan Zervas. 2 Barnaby Innes. 3 Beth Leighfield. 4 Will Burton

Thank you to all our sponsors for making the event possible, Tubestation, Beagle Create, Finisterre, Nineplus and Zeaglass. Thank you also to all the Christian Surfers members who came together from all over the UK and work so well to run a fantastic contest.