What’s God Saying About CS Girls

So… eleven girls, one hour and a whole lot of prayer, sharing heart for what God was saying about CS Girls at our time within the CS National Gathering 2016.

CS Girls

We understand that this is nothing new. God has been in the business of using women to bring His message to His people for centuries. CS International puts a shining light on the girls’ ministry for the purpose of reaching the King’s daughters in a way that is relevant. CS Australia are a shining example of this at work – headed up by Jodene Watling, now over 11 active groups of girls across Australia and 30 female leaders – it is clear that CS Girls is on the move globally.

What we wanted from the hour session was to see what words, scriptures, pictures and thoughts came about through our prayer time and discussion, things that God has or was putting on our hearts for the progression of CS Girls in our nation.

So, what did God say? LOVE. Love for one another. Inclusive. Supportive. Non competitive. Fun. Sharing the good times. All in for one another. Identity of Christ, not of the world. Encouragement. ‘No Fear’ attitude. Connect and gather. Friendship and community over skill set in the water. Freedom in fun.

We also felt that more female presence is needed within the surf industry, for instance; female judges, more female chaplaincy and Christian Surfers setting the standard for equal prize money at the surf competitions. Restoring equality between the genders and ensuring our girls have a female presence in every avenue of the surf industry was something that was placed on our hearts. Perhaps something we can all pray into?Going back to the start, from all of what was discussed I just love that the very first thing that was drawn on our brainstorm paper was a heart. So clear of the love that Jesus has for us that we should first and foremost share. This reminds me so much of the CS Australia Girls sticker with the multicoloured heart saying ‘With All Your Heart’. So whether Australia or the UK, CS Girls runs from the same Jesus centred love.

If you are reading this and feel stirred by the prospect of CS Girls developing more so, can I urge you to pray? Pray for female leaders to rise up, pray for CS Girls being more active within community and having the opportunity to be a presence and pray that girls in all nations would have the opportunity to know and follow Christ through the work of Christian Surfers. If you want to be an active CS Girl then it will be great to hear from you on our Facebook page, a place to share ideas, events, thoughts and prayers, a place to be part of the bigger picture

How fruitful will CS Girls look in a year, two years, five and ten years here in the UK and beyond?! Let’s stand together to engage our sisters into a stronger sisterhood through surfing and through Christ.

CS Girls UK has a new Facebook page, find us: Christian Surfers UK Girls

Find out more about the CSA girls’ ministry on this web page. Be inspired: www.christiansurfers.org.au/ministries/csa-girls/