Encouraging Time With CSUK Leaders

Over 30 group leaders, trustees and staff once again gathered over the weekend of18-20 March at St George’s House in Georgeham, North Devon for a weekend of reflection, review, team building, vision, sharing and input.

Leaders Web image 3

Leaders came from all corners of the UK and we are very grateful for people’s commitment and dedication in making what are often long journeys, leaving loved ones and busy lives behind to increase the mission of CSUK.

A big thanks also to Chris Knox for leading us in worship as well as Olly Young and Paul Agnew for sharing in our devotional times.

There were a few waves, a little sunshine and lots of great food: thanks to Mary andSue for feeding the army.

Local Groups and Training
It was good to share experiences from local groups and to exchange knowledge and ask questions of each other. We hope to have some Foundations training for all in 2016. As a result of the weekend and some new opportunities, we will also be developing robust guidance notes to assist new contacts and those wishing to form a local group.

Church Partnerships
The importance of church partnerships can’t be underestimated, let us encourage you to explore and increase those in 2016. It was helpful to share each other’s church partnership history and desires for the future. It was also good to be at local churches in North Devon once again as we continue those relationships. We hope to be developing the Church Partner matrix that those present began to complete, and we will forward the blank form with instructions to those who were unable to attend.

Prayer obviously is a big part of what we do and are, so it’s encouraging to see group leaders using messenger as a prayer tool recently. Cathryn will be relaunching our trustees and staff prayer Skype: please watch this space.

Surf Missionaries
It was a great blessing to have a Skype call on the Sunday with Vicki and Joby Wells from the Isle of Wight as they prepare to head off for Southwest France as surf missionaries, later this week. Please continue to pray for their family and that strategic area of France in the surf mission field.

Social Media
Love it or hate it, it’s been a great tool in CSUK’s journey. Please continue to embrace it wisely and if it’s not your thing, just delegate to someone with those skills.

Surf Camps
It was encouraging to hear reports from Michael Kissack regarding the SUrf camp in Scotland and also Phil’s recent visit to the Oasis Surf House in Lanzarote. We hope to go public and launch our partnership with Oasis Surf House very soon: there will be different options to holiday or serve in Lanzarote.

There was much desire to see a variety of mission trips for CSUK in the future. We hope to see this happen in 2017: again, watch this space.

Going Forward
Please continue to stay in touch, feed back, pray and support one another: as a staff team we are always available.

God bless

Phil, Johnny, Daren, David & Ali