Opportunity to Serve in Thurso

The Scottish Surfing Federation have been in touch specifically asking whether Christian Surfers would like to serve at the Scottish National Championships in Thurso on the 8 to 10 April.

Thurso Web image

They are wondering whether we could do something similar to what CS offer at the UK Pro Tour – serving food, hot drinks and snacks for a small donation to CS. An additional gazebo which could maybe be used for tabulated score sheets would also be helpful.

Because SSF events are run by a small core group of volunteers (many of whom are competing athletes) a couple of extra pairs of hands helping set up or assisting with some tabulating for example on occasion would also be welcomed.

Unfortunately Brian Allen, who would have been heading this is up, is unable to make the dates, so we are looking for potential volunteers who would be willing to be part of a small team.

It seems like an amazing breakthrough opportunity for CS after building good relationships here in Scotland. Please get in touch if you are able to get involved.