Tribute to Matt Parrott – a Life Well Lived

Wednesday 20th of January 2016 was a sad day for all those involved in the leadership of Christian Surfers UK over the years, and in particular those involved with Christian Surfers in Cornwall. On this day our dear friend Matt Parrott moved on into the presence of His Lord. Matt has never been more alive than he is now. He has no cancer, he has no illness, no worries – he is absent from the body here on earth, but present with Christ in heaven.

The weather on that day was amazing, with a stunning sunrise and sunset, a freezing cold wind and perfect waves, just the type of day that Matt would have loved, paddling out with a few buddies at his local beach Porthtowan, sharing waves and smiles until the session ended. Then no doubt sharing stories of the waves ridden, wipe-outs and missed, then heading to the local pub or cafe afterwards whilst trying to warm up.

When I heard that news I was at Croyde myself just having got out of a good surf session, and when the news broke despite perfect conditions there was no way I was going back in the ocean I just wanted to reflect on the news that many of us had dreaded. I spent a couple of hours on a bench overlooking the beach at South Croyde reflecting on the life of an incredible bloke, who leaves behind two special young daughters Ellie and Tegen and his amazing wife Helen. A gentle loving husband and father, always willing to share his thoughts and his waves with you. A great man of God, an adventurer, a top bloke always with a smile.

Matt and Helen would be the first to confirm that they have been surrounded by and supported by an incredible team of people not just in the area but also further afield, family, Christian surfers members, local church, and community friends, everyone loved Matt and the family and wanted to do whatever they could to ensure support.

In the latter days he was also supported tremendously by the St Agnes local nursing staff and Marie Curie – a huge thank you to them as well.

Whilst on this bench so many memories of gatherings and sharing with him, seeing his family grow, hearing his important thoughts on the work of Christian Surfers in Cornwall and beyond. Matt will never be forgotten, our prayers are for Helen and the girls, his family, and the Cornish community closest to them.I will revisit this bench every time I’m in the area, and my prayers will continue to be that the legacy Matt left will touch many people’s hearts, and be inspirational in changing their lives.

Matt – thanks for living life to the full, the world will miss you. God bless my friend.

Note – When details are known about any funeral or celebration for Matt’s incredible life we will update this page, and in the meantime please continue to pray for Helen and the girls, give thanks for a life well lived, and never give up on the special things in life, God loved Matt as much as anyone of us and he will want us to continue to proclaim the good news and be a God person in whatever community we live in.

Phil Williams
National Director
Christian Surfers UK